Minding the future. Bioeconomy in a changing Nordic reality.

October 5-6, 2016 at Harpa Concert and Conference Hall, Reykjavik Iceland
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MINDING THE FUTURE. Closing conference of the NordBio programme.

The closing conference of the NordBio programme „Minding the future – Bioeconomy in a changing Nordic reality“ took place in Reykjavik 5 – 6 October 2016, with a various inspiring presentations. The program consisted of stimulating plenary sessions and lively seminars dedicated to the theme.

The NordBio initiative have taken a holistic approach to the bioeconomy, bringing experts in education, research and innovation together with industry and policy makers in the quest to promote sustainable production and use of living natural resources.

The outcomes range from improved data on biological resources and their utilisation around the region to new education and research methods, increased resource efficiency and innovative product development. A Nordic Bioeconomy Panel will provide input for a Nordic bioeconomy strategy in 2017.

The conference in brief

The conference featured presentations of product development based on sustainable and optimised use of biological resources. Other topics addressed included improved definitions and mapping of the Nordic bioeconomy, capacity building and innovation in education, and ecosystem resilience as a means to reduce the impact of natural disasters. And last but not least, there where inspiring talks from “voices of the new generation” on the importance of a balanced relationship between society and the environment.

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