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Organic waste as a resource for innovation‘ is a project where mapping of organic waste in Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands will be carried out, focusing on by–products and waste from the fishing industry and slaughtering.The scope of the project is to investigate the geographical distribution of by-products from agriculture and fish processing including seasonal variations of this potential resource. The participating countries are dependent on import of products and supplies, therefore domestic product creation is emphasized. The results will be useful for innovation and product development as well as an input for another part of the NordBio-project ‚Innovation in the Nordic bioeconomy‘ led by Matís. Mapping of organic waste and by–products is therefore important and can encourage innovation and sustainable economy of the nations.

Contact of this project

Guðrún Lilja Kristinsdóttir
Environmental Agency of Iceland (Umhverfisstofnun).
Phone: 591 2000