The Nordic Bioeconomy Panel

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The Nordic Bioeconomy Panel is a formal policy and strategy forum initiated as part of the Nordbio programme with the main purpose to create the first common Nordic strategy for the Bioeconomy.


The Ministers for Co-operation (MR-SAM) has assigned the Nordic Bioeconomy Panel with a mandate outlining the objectives of the panel:

“The aim of the panel to contribute to a sustainable transformation towards the bioeconomy in the Nordic countries and to stimulate innovation, to explore and expose the potential of the Nordic Region to take a global lead in the field of sustainable production and utilization of bio-resources with the purpose of enhancing Nordic competitiveness and sustainability. This shall be done through a joint Nordic strategy for the bioeconomy, by including new, interdisciplinary knowledge and by providing input to the Nordic countries and relevant Nordic and international forums regarding innovative thinking and solutions to the challenges they face in relation to the bioeconomy and green transition.”

The mandate is to be realized through a project plan based on four pillars:

  • A best cases catalogue
  • A New Nordic Bioeconomy Strategy
  • Networking
  • Outreach